Download JioSwitch PC Free on Windows and Mac OS X

Transfer data easily between your PC/Laptop and mobile devices with the JioSwitch PC app. Here’s how you can download JioSwitch for PC and Laptop.

JioSwitch is simple and easy to use data transfer application that you can use to manage the data between different devices. It supports various file types and is also compatible with devices from multiple manufacturers. Developed by Reliance Retail, JioSwitch is a fine tool aimed at Android and iOS devices. You can easily install it on your handheld devices via Google Play and iTunes. And since JioSwitch offers support to multiple devices, why not use it on PC/Laptop to manage data. Well, that’s what we will explain in this guide. With little effort, you can download JioSwitch for PC and Laptop devices.

JioSwitch PC Download

While smartphones are used widely, there is no denying the usefulness of PCs and Laptops. In fact, most of our important stuff resides on them. From time to time, we share and manage data between our smartphone and PC/Laptop. Here, we will show you the way to download JioSwitch app on your PCs and Laptops. Unfortunately, there isn’t any dedicated JioSwitch PC version that you can install directly. Therefore, in order to transfer data via the JioSwitch app, we will have to rely on the Android version of the JioSwitch app. In the section below, we have explained how you can use the JioSwitch app on PCs and Laptops.


The process to download and install JioSwitch on PC or Laptop is slightly different, given that there isn’t any dedicated JioSwitch PC version. Therefore, first, you will have to set up an Android platform on your PC/Laptop devices, to be able to run the Android version of JioSwitch. Android Emulators, like the ones mentioned in the later section, are what you need. These are virtual machines that allow you to install and run JioSwitch on your Windows running PC/Laptop and OS X powered Macbook/iMac devices. For ease, we have listed the instructions to help you with the installation. You may read about the features in the section below or skip to install the app right away.

JioSwitch Features

JioSwitch is a data transfer application that you can use to transfer and manage data between different devices. In this section, we will shed some light on the key features of the JioSwitch app. Starting with the basic one i.e, the speed. The primary reason behind using any data transfer application over the traditional Bluetooth and other mechanisms is to save time. Unlike the traditional methods, the data transfer applications such as JioSwitch transfer data many times faster. JioSwitch makes use of its Flash as Flash feature, which allows you to transfer data 100 times faster than Bluetooth.

JioSwitch PC

Next, is its support mechanism for cross-platform data transfer. You can use the JioSwitch app to transfer between Android and iOS devices. And given that this guide is about installing JioSwitch on PC and Laptop, you can even use it on your PCs and Laptop to transfer data. The data transfer is seamless and wireless, you do not need to connect devices via cable to share the data. And guess what? it can also work without the internet so that you can save on your data package while transferring files between the devices. You can share entire folders as well as individual files across the devices.

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And lastly, the amount of data that JioSwitch allows you to share. Well, the thing is there is no limit to the amount of data you share between the devices, be it a photo, a video, or a music file, there is no limit. In short, for a basic data transfer application, JioSwitch seems promising. It is free and you can easily install it on your handheld devices via app stores. To download JioSwitch PC on Windows and Mac devices, follow the instructions below.

Install JioSwitch for PC and Laptop

  1. First, you need to install an Android Emulator in order to run the app.
  2. You can download Bluestacks or Nox player.
  3. Next, set up the Emulator using your Google Account.
  4. After setting up, launch the Emulator and open Play Store.
  5. Type, “JioSwitch” without the quotes and click on the search button adjacent to the search bar.
  6. From the search results, click on the JioSwitch app icon to install it on your PC/Laptop.
  7. Once the installation completes, you will find the JioSwitch app under the All Apps section.
  8. That’s it.
JioSwitch PC

Note that in order to run JioSwitch PC, you will have to open it in inside Emulator as it will not work system-wide. In case you are having trouble downloading JioSwitch for PC, reach us through comments.

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